Regional for sale by owner service offers QR codes on all listings

QR codes, or Quick Response codes are like a funny looking square bar-code.  QR codes can be printed on business cards, brochures and other materials that, when scanned, quickly direct the user to a web page for more information. 

Massachusetts 4 Sale By Owner sellers have access to this technology on all listings. We use QR codes on our our seller's print information, or listing flyers. Our sellers print flyers to display in a box by the yard sign.  A buyer drives by, picks up a full-color flyer and wants more information, like access to a slide show or extended documentation not shown on the flyer.  Reaching for a smart phone, the buyer quickly uses the camera function and QR reader application to scan the code.  Once accomplished, the buyer is taken to our seller's full listing on 

Are all real estate websites using QR codes now?  No, in fact FSBO  but that doesn't mean we shouldn't make it as easy as possible for buyers who may be interested in your property, right?  You can design a flyer from our Manage Your Listing control panel. We offer a few different designs from which you can choose the perfect look for your property.  The QR code is automatically embedded in the flyer, so it's easy for sellers to create and use the technology.  If you are not advertising with us, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.


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